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Ways to Survive in a Hostile Work Environment

Job Anticipation 14 March, 2022

A hostile work environment is probably one of the most difficult situations to survive in. Unfortunately, sometimes people have to stay in the environment for money until they find another job. These are some ways you can try to stretch out your time there if your work environment is toxic:

Try to Ignore It

You can certainly try to ignore people when they intentionally try to offend you. That process is much easier said than done when it's constant, however. It can be difficult to do when an entire group does it to you as well.

Focus on the Job

One of the most effective ways to survive in a toxic environment is to focus on the job itself. This tactic could be very helpful if you enjoy some aspects of the work. It won't be very helpful if the goal of the people around you is to upset your balance, though.

Take "Release" Breaks

You can try to take breaks to meditate and release some of the negative energy around you. You might have to go to the ladies' room for a little while or go outside to your car. See if that will help you at all.

Talk to Management

You could talk to your manager or someone above your manager if you think it will help. Unfortunately, some toxic behaviors are very subtle, and they're difficult to explain to someone in upper management. Psychological and emotional abuses are often disguised as "sternness," "joking around and having fun," "just doing what the company says," or "trying to help you."

It's difficult to explain how those elements can possibly be soul-crushing. Additionally, toxicity usually runs all the way up the chain. Thus, if you go to management, upper management, or HR, you might be surprised to hear that you're in the wrong, and all you need to do is adjust your attitude accordingly.

You can try the methods mentioned above if you can't leave your toxic job right now. However, you need to consider putting in your resignation if your health is suffering. You will find something else eventually.