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Lucrative Entry-Level Careers to Consider

Job Anticipation 20 June, 2019

With so many people reluctant or unable to invest in higher education it is good to know there are some jobs you can land without a degree of any kind. These are some lucrative options to consider that require no formalized experience or a college degree to get started.

Flight Attendant

Most major airlines offer in-house training that requires a four-week educational process followed by computer assessments to begin working. While it isn’t the highest paying job on the list, it is one that offers relatively easy entrance and some added perks that make it attractive to many younger adults just beginning careers.


Earning slightly more than flight attendants, firefighters provide important, life-saving services to the community at large whilst earning a fairly lucrative living. The fitness requirements for this job are extreme as is certain aptitudes. What isn’t required to embark on this career, though, is a degree.

Offshore Oil Worker

One of the more lucrative entry-level careers, working on an offshore oil rig offers excellent starting salaries and abundant opportunities for advancement – no degree required. There are educational courses and examinations oilfield employees must master. The hours are long and there are dangers involved in this line of work. However, the benefits are well worth the risks for many oilfield workers.


Oddly enough, many people overlook the lucrative opportunities a career in sales represents. While long hours may be necessary as you work your way up in the ranks, achievement has its rewards with many moving up to management positions where they earn even more money while maintaining less chaotic hours.

Air Traffic Controller

You do not need a degree to work in this industry but there is a fair amount of training involved. Three years’ worth to earn your air traffic control license. However, starting salaries are quite impressive and experience controllers can easily double those attractive salaries.

You don’t have to look far to find lucrative opportunities without a degree or extensive experience. These are great fields in which to begin your search.