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Advanced Customer Service Skills Employers Seek in Applicants

Job Anticipation 22 May, 2019

Creating a winning CV is difficult in a competitive job market. General customer service skills and attributes are no longer enough to grab the attention of hiring managers. It is essential for applicants seeking upper-level customer service positions to show employers your true worth with specific examples of the following skills.

Ability to Increase Customer Retention Rates

Businesses understand that it costs far less to retain a customer than it does to get a new one. If you can show evidence and examples of how you have managed to improve customer retention in current and past customer service roles, you may win them over well before your interview.

Ability to Minimise Hold Times

Regardless of how well you handle customers, keeping them on hold can cost businesses customers. If you can provide examples of the efforts you make to minimise hold times for customers, you can easily get the attention of hiring managers.

Ability to Empathise with Customers

Empathy is one of the most important customer service skills high-level representatives possess. It can mean the difference between retaining customers or losing them forever. It can also be a real winner to include in your CV to encourage hiring managers to consider your application.

Ability to Listen Effectively

One of the biggest problems customers have when dealing with customer service is that they don’t listen to the problem the customer is experiencing. Show that you are a good listener and how you have used your listening skills effectively in the past to get to the heart of the problem without wasting your time or the customer’s time in the process.

Little things like these show you have the talent, attitude, and patience to excel in advanced customer service roles. Plus, they make you an attractive candidate to hiring managers for a variety of customer service positions.