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9 Interpersonal Skills That Will Help You in Your Job Search

Job Anticipation 24 January, 2020

Stop for a moment and think about the best boss, colleague, or teacher you've ever had. Chances are, in addition to being capable, you enjoyed working with them. In other words, they had effective interpersonal skills.

Regardless of the industry in which you want to work, your interpersonal skills will have an impact on your success. What exactly are interpersonal skills and which ones can help in your job search?

1. Communication

If you are an effective communicator, you convey your point clearly and efficiently. Part of this involves using nonverbal cues and appropriate body language. 

2. Emotional Intelligence

To show high emotional intelligence, leave your personal problems at the door. High emotional intelligence also means knowing when your behaviour is inappropriate.

3. Empathy

Anytime you're interacting with another person at work, you must be able to put yourself in that person's shoes. 

4. Conflict Management

When human beings are thrown together, there is going to be conflict occasionally. Adding conflict management to your skillset will make you highly valuable to employers. 

5. Positivity

Strive to be the person with a positive attitude.

6. Teamwork

In the modern workplace, you'll probably work as part of a team. Displaying good teamwork skills is a must.

7. Flexibility

Being flexible makes you a valuable member of the team. 

8. Trust

The world of business can be cutthroat. If you're a person who can be trusted, your employer will notice.

9. Listening

Have you ever noticed that rather than listening, most people are waiting for their turn to talk? If you can cultivate active listening skills, you'll be ahead of the pack. 

Good News

Do you fear your interpersonal skills may not measure up? They're probably in better shape than you realize. If you feel you lack in some areas, be prepared to work on yourself. Ask for feedback, listen carefully, take classes, and look for ways to increase your confidence. With a little work, you'll have a world-class set of interpersonal skills ready to present to your new employer.