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5 Benefits of Working For a Removals Company

Job Anticipation 6 June, 2022

Are you looking for a job with great benefits? Working for a removals company might just be your dream job. Even if you’ve never considered this line of work, it pays to give it a second thought. Here are five benefits of working for a removals company.

1. Working in Fresh Air

Unlike office workers who are cooped up inside all day long, your work will allow you to get plenty of fresh air. You won’t be subjected to the confines of indoor air conditioning and heating. Instead, you’ll be breathing in fresh air all day long.

2. Daily Exercise

As a worker, you’ll be tasked with shifting boxes and furniture to and from the truck and the building. This kind of manual labor is challenging, of course, but it will keep your body in excellent physical condition. You can skip the gym membership, because you’ll automatically be getting fit while at the same time earning money.

3. Time Off When You Want It

Many removal companies offer their workers the option of which days to work. Since removal jobs are sporadic, there will be days when you don’t have to work, too. Sometimes removals companies even allow you to “claim” jobs when you want them, or to decline offers when you decide you need a day off. This kind of job flexibility is extremely rare, and is yet another benefit of working for a removals company.

4. Great Pay

The hourly rate for removal company workers is very competitive. You’ll certainly earn more than your mates who work in shops. Removals companies know that it’s hard to find good workers, and they are willing to pay more because the work is hard, too.

5. Chances For Overtime

Moving is unpredictable. Sometimes jobs take much longer than anticipated. In cases like this, where a job runs into overtime, you’ll be paid time and a half, at a minimum. These opportunities for overtime mean that you’ll earn even more than your normal rate.

With all these benefits and more, you can see that working for a removals company is a very attractive job. Why not apply online today?