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The 3 Real Reasons Why You Shouldn't Lie on Your C.V.

Job Anticipation 17 April, 2018

Sometimes the temptation is great. There’s a job that you really want, but your skillset comes up short. Why not fib a little on your C.V., just so you can at least get interviewed? Well, there are plenty of real reasons why not.

Your Reputation

The city isn’t as big as you think. If you lie on your C.V. and get found out, your reputation will be at stake. Imagine getting caught in a lie, and then showing up for another interview somewhere else. If it’s in the same industry, there’s a good chance your interviewer knows the other one – you know, the person who caught you lying on your C.V. Now that’s two jobs you’ve lost out on because you decided to fib.


Let’s say you actually get the job you lied for. It’s highly probable that you’ll get thrown into a situation where you have to use those skills you “claimed” to have. You’re in a meeting with your new boss and colleagues. Suddenly all eyes are on you as you stutter and turn red-faced because you have no idea what they are asking you to do. That’s not a good look.


If you lie about your qualifications, you could open up your new employer to liability, or even get in legal trouble personally. What if you really make an effort to accomplish a task that you are “supposed” to be proficient at, only to muck up. Your innocent C.V. lie could cost your new company big money and land you in front of the magistrate.

Once your lie comes out—and it will, eventually—you’ll likely be fired. Was it worth it? Not by a long shot. Now you’re unemployed again, with a gap on your C.V. that will be hard to explain.