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How to Answer "Why Should We Hire You" in a Job Interview

Job Anticipation 14 May, 2018

Perhaps the most dreaded question in an interview is, “Why should we hire you?” Though you may be tempted to be honest and say, "Because I really, really need this job," that's not the correct answer. Instead, keep these tips in mind when formulating your answer.

The Interviewer Wants to Be Convinced

With this question, the interviewer is practically begging for you to make his decision for him. This is your opportunity to give him what he wants. He wants to be convinced, so that there can be do doubt that you’re the person for the job.

It’s an Invitation to Brag

This is the only part of the interview where it’s 100% okay to brag about your accomplishments. Talk about how you’re better than anyone else they’re going to interview. List all your achievements, and take all the credit for successful projects you were a part of.

Match Your Credentials to the Job Listing

Make it patently obvious that you have every single credential and qualification that the job advertisement listed. If you have to go one by one, so be it. After this, your interviewer will have a hard time rationalizing not giving you the job.

Point Out How Unique You Are

Now you have to make it clear that, while other candidates might also possess the requisite credentials, you’re special. You also have these other things about your personality that make you uniquely suited for the job. These things might be your education, your hobbies, where you were born, your connections, or anything else that is unique, and relevant to the job.

Hint That You Have Other Offers

This is a risky thing to do, but it often pays off. You can subtly hint that you have other offers that you’re considering. This makes it look like you’re in high demand, and they’d better hire you before someone else does!