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How Long Do Doctors Have to Go to School?

Job Anticipation 20 Feb, 2018

To become a doctor, you are going to have spend many years in college after you graduate from high school. In fact, it is not uncommon for a person to be well into his or her thirties before graduating with a doctorate degree, and this is assuming the person went straight to college after high school. The exact amount of time that it takes a person to become a doctor will depend on the type of doctor he or she wants to become.

The typical path a person will follow to become a doctor is as follows:

Earn a bachelor’s degree — takes about four years

Graduate from medical school — takes about four years

Complete a residency — takes about three to four years

As you can see, even on the short end, it takes upward of 11 years to become a doctor after graduating from high school. There are ways to speed up the process, though. For example, you can always double up on classes. No, you are not going to cut your time in half to become a doctor, but it can reduce the amount of time by a year or two. You can also take summer courses, which may be able to speed up the process by a year or so. Regardless of the type of doctor you become, you will have to take part in ongoing education to keep up with today’s latest medical practices.

If you are wanting to become a doctor, it is imperative that you understand this career path is not a short one. You are going to spend more than a decade of your life in college after you graduate from high school.